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We send emails for programs or important information that affects the membership. The number of emails will be kept to a minimum. Any email that you will receive from our chapter will include a link that will allow you unsubscribe from the list. All emails that you receive will include a link to change your email address, zip or Newsletter delivery option. A second link will allow you to unsubscribe from the email, if you so desire.

If you recently joined and your member ID has not been assigned, you will automatically be added to the list when our chapter receives your membership information. You do not have to submit this form. At a later time after receiving your membership number, you can use this form to Opt Out of postal mail delivery of the Newsletter or change back to postal delivery.

Note: Only the Glens Falls Saratoga Chapter Email list will be updated. The ADK Headquarters Membership database is not updated until you renew your membership or contact them directly!

  • If member number is unknown and you have been a member for more than 2 months: Fill in all fields except member number.
    Click on the "Ask Webmaster to add me to email list" button. The webmaster will add you to the list after verifying your memabership information.
* * * * *   Zip at the time you signed up or renewed membership!

When you select 'Postal' , you will continue to receive the Newsletter by postal mail to the address you supplied to ADK when you joined or renewed your membership. You will also receive emails that are sent to our list.

When you select 'Email' , you will receive an email notification whenever future Newsletters have been added to our web site. That email will contain a link to the Adobe PDF file. You will no longer receive the Newsletter by Postal mail.

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