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Smart Phone Apps that might be of Interest to Hikers
Have you found an app that you like and think other ADKrs might want to check out? If so, send us the name and what it does and we'll add it to the web site and include it in the newsletter if we have room.

Check out these apps suggested by chapter members by clicking on links:

"Oh, Ranger" - Jacki Bave

I have an app on my phone for when I travel. It's called "Oh, Ranger". It recognizes my location and finds parks near me. It gives the park regs, activities available, etc. I use it when we travel and want to take a walk to stretch our legs or walk Luna. (Jacki's dog).

"PeakFinder" - Steve Mackey

Have you ever been hiking and wondered what peaks you were looking at? Try PeakFinder. Point your phone at the peak and it tells you the name. There is a cost for it at the Android and Apple App stores.

"All Trails " - Tony

Browse through guides for 50,000+ trails across North America complete with photos, reviews, and tracks for outdoor activities including everything from hiking and mountain biking to fly-fishing and snowshoeing. Over 4 million reviews and pictures curated by 3+ million hikers, campers, and mountain bikers just like you!

I use the app every time I go hiking. Great maps, easy to find trails w/ descriptions - app is free, pro version does cost some but is well worth it. Find on Google Play or Apple Itunes.

"Avenza PDF Maps" - Sarah King

Sarah King, our GF-S ADK avid geocacher, recommends Avenza PDF maps. She uses it sometimes while geocaching or just out with her family visiting a National Park or a new city. It's available for Apple or Androids.

"Merlin - Birder App from Cornell Lab of Ornithology" - Sarah King

Ok, Iím not a birder! So if I donít have a birder with me on a trip, I need a cheat! The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has an app to help me out. Itís called Merlin and it asks you a few simple questions and then shows you some possibilities, based on its ebird database, of likely matches. Itís free and available for iphones and androids.

"Mag Light " - Ray Bouchard

There is both a free , and a $1.99 version for an iPhone App called "Mag Light". I believe the free version would meet most hiker's needs. When you open the App it activates both the camera, and it's accompanying "flashlight". As the name implies you are able to see an object, such as a sliver, or a tick, magnified from "0" up to to 5X. The App also allows one to vary the intensity of illumination from "0" to "100%", or with the press of a button you can turn the flashlight off and make use of ambient lighting.

The $1.99 version has a few neat features, including the ability to take a picture of what you are viewing. So if you wish to share a picture with the rest of the world of a deer tick engorging itself on your leg, or perhaps the magnified eye of a fly, then spring for the paid version.

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