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ADK Fire Tower
News updated July 06 2022
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  The July 2022 Newsletter is Available On Website [2022-07-06]
  Free Shuttle Improves Safety, Visitor Access to Popular High Peaks Trailheads [2022-07-05]
DEC, Essex County, Town of Keene, and ROOST Announce Adirondack Route 73 Shuttle Season Starts July 9

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Essex County, town of Keene, and Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST) today announced the Route 73 shuttle system launched in 2021 will return on Saturday, July 9.

The shuttle system helps manage safe, sustainable visitation along the busy Route 73 corridor in the Adirondack High Peaks region. The free shuttle system will operate on weekends and holidays through Monday, Oct. 10, 2022. New this year, additional runs on select weekends in August and October will be piloted from Frontier Town Gateway in North Hudson.

Read more here: content.govdelivery.com/accounts/NYSDEC/bulletins/31f1690

  Chapter Officers Needed for 2023 [2022-05-29]
Your Chapter needs you! At the annual October meeting, chapter officers are elected to serve the chapter for the fiscal year.

Please keep in mind that there are no prerequisites required for any of the positions listed below; only the willingness to serve as a leader for the chapter.

We will have vacancies for the following four positions:

Treasurer - serves as the chief financial officer of the chapter. Approximate time commitment: Varies, however, a couple of hours each month to prepare report for Executive Committee meetings; pay chapter bills, balance checkbook and at end of year prepare a chapter budget.

2nd Vice-Chair - this person oversees and coordinates the activities of the chapter committees designated by the Chair and in the absence of the Chair and 1st Vice-Chair shall conduct the monthly Executive Committee meetings. Approximate time commitment: should be able to devote approximately two hours/monthly to attend chapter Executive Committee meetings.

Trustee - this is a new position as of 1/1/2022 and replaces the former Directors of the chapter. The Trustee serves both the Club and the Chapter. The Trustee shall represent the Chapter on the Club Advisory Council, serve as an elected member of the Chapter Executive Committee and perform all duties assigned under the Club Bylaws and Chapter Constitution and Bylaws. Approximate time commitment: Attend monthly chapter Executive Committee meetings; attend Club Advisory Council meetings (at least 4 times/year); file written reports on Advisory Council and club activities for Chapter newsletter (6 times/year).

Member-At-Large - Members-At-Large serve as Executive Committee members without portfolio, providing their expertise and assistance to the Executive Committee and are encouraged to participate in standing and special committees. Approximate time commitment: Attend monthly Executive Committee meetings.

The previous job descriptions for each position are abbreviated. Anyone expressing interest in any of the positions will be provided with the full job descriptions. These positions have one year terms and nominations are due August 1, 2022. Nominations and officer biographies will be published in the September through November newsletter.

Please contact Pat Desbiens directly with any questions or nominations. Thank you in advance for considering volunteering for one of the positions listed above.

Pat Desbiens - Nominating Committee Chair - pdesbien@nycap.rr.com
  Oct. 21, 2022: Save the date for Chapter Annual Dinner and Meeting [2022-06-14]
Please save the date for our annual meeting on October 21st. More information on how to register will be on our website and in the September Chepontuc newsletter.

Our featured speaker will be Jackie Donnelly, a nature writer and photographer who has spent nearly 30 years exploring the upper Hudson River in her small lightweight canoe.

In her illustrated talk, 'Mother Nature’s Waterside Garden: Wildflowers of the Upper Hudson,' Jackie will explore several distinct areas of this magnificent river, stretching from the Ice Meadows north of Warrensburg, downstream through the forested mountains at Moreau, to the quiet backwaters above Glens Falls. Through numerous colorful photographs and informed commentary she will reveal the amazing abundance and diversity of beautiful plants (and a few of the fascinating creatures, too!) that thrive in this riverbank habitat.
  Program: A Brief Tour of the Pacific NW, Thu Sept 15 @ Saratoga Library [2022-06-14]
This program will be a brief tour of the pacific northwest that includes the Oregon coast and the Olympic and North Cascades national parks. Thursday September 15, 2022, 7 PM In-person, Saratoga Springs Public Library Join Mo & Jim Coutant on a photographic tour of their cross-country trip last year as they explored the scenery while trying to avoid the smoke from the wildfires. As most of the country seemed to be in the smoke zone, exploring the coast was the best option; on their way home they checked off a couple of National Parks. Come see the great scenery of the National Parks and coastline and learn how they travelled across the country with no reservations or real plan!

Jim and Mo Coutant are long time ADK members who are active with the Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter of ADK.  They’ve led many outings for the Chapter with Mo leading weekly trips during the years when their daughter was in school. Jim retired from NYS DEC as an Air Pollution Engineer just prior to this trip. 

Registration required. Please check the Saratoga Springs Public Library calendar of events. The Chapter website will be updated later with a registration link.
  Adirondack Voices [2022-06-14]
The Adirondack Mountain Club is nothing if not for the stories of members; we are our stories. ADK at 100 years has lost so many stories; more are being lost each year. It is ironic that this storied organization does not have a formal history program, a commitment via human and financial resources or at least a mention in its guiding strategic plan. 

Recognizing the need to capture Adirondack Mountain Club oral history - a dedicated group of passionate volunteers from throughout organization has banded together to make this a reality. Funding has been provided by generous donations from ADK chapters.

What is ADK Voices?

We are a group of ADKers from across New York State and New Jersey working in collaboration with OurStoryBridge, a nation-wide platform, resource and toolkit for producing a crowdsourced community story project emphasizing audio history and sharing. Using OurStoryBridge we are recording short stories (five minutes or less) of ADK chapter folks, ADK staff - past and present, stories of the past and stories of the present for use as historical record.

The recorded stories will be publicly accessible on a website we are currently building with the expectation the ADK administration will link ADK Voices to adk.org. Our group is proud and excited to bring this member-directed, chapter-driven project to reality.

Do you have a story to tell? Send an email with a summary to: trails@adk-gfs.org

Look for the full website launch later this summer. 

  Cycling Canada's Countryside: Veloroute Des Bleuets - Now on YOUTUBE ! [2022-05-26]
This program originally on ZOOM May 18 is now available online.

Join Beth, Mo, Jen and Suzy for an armchair adventure around Lac St-Jean, Quebec. Four adventurous women took advantage of an opportunity to head North after the border reopened in fall of 2021 to cycle the famous Blueberry Route at the end of the season.

They didn’t know what to expect as rural Canada re-emerged from the pandemic, or what October weather would be like riding along a lake — it was fantastic. Come along for a photographic journey to see how everything worked out.

YOUTUBE Link:   youtu.be/_DhAUufFGU4
  Bearproof Containers Available to Rent [2022-04-25]

These bear-proof canisters are required in the Central High Peaks Zone and are essential to use on any backcountry overnight adventure to any backpacking or canoe camping destination.

8.8 inch dia. X 12 inches long, weight 2.7 lbs.

Designed to slip into your backpack. Backpackers’ Cache (Garcia Manufacturing) and Bear Keg (Counter Assault) are the only two bear resistant food containers approved for use in the Central High Peaks Zone.

Rental Rates ( We have the best rental price! ):
  •   1-3 nights $5.00
  •   4-7 nights $10.00

Call Jim Schneider 518-421-4975 to reserve your canister rental.

Rentals are available exclusively to ADK Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter members

  Banff Centre World Tour   VIRTUAL will be coming locally Feb 3-5 in 2023 [2022-06-14]
The Online BANFF Film Festival Videos are transitioning to a new streaming platform.

This means that their current Vimeo OTT platform will be shut down from June 11th onwards.

When new links are available, our chapter website will be updated with those links.
  ADK Mtn Club Advisory Council Jan 18 Hilights [2022-02-19]
  • The Cascade Ski Center was purchased; Goggins Road property has an interested party.
  • 60+ outings are scheduled for the Fall Weekend/Centennial Celebration, Sep 23-25, 2022 in Silver Bay.
  • Kate Hacker, from the Niagara Frontier Chapter, was elected to serve on the ADK Board of Directors. She will represent the Club membership.

The ADK mission statement has changed and is no longer stated as a 'member directed' organization.

As per the change in ADK bylaws approved by ADK membership, member representation in ADK governance now focuses on the lone board seat allotted to the Advisory Council representative - the representative of ADK membership.

If you have any comments, thoughts, concerns, suggestions regarding ADK in any way, shape or form, please let Jim Schneider ( trustee@adk-gfs.org ) know and he will communicate them to Kate.

The next Advisory Council meeting is May 17, 2022. 
  Applications for 2022 ADK Trailhead Stewardship Season are Now Open [2022-02-19]
The ADK Trailhead Stewardship Program at Heart Lake is one of the ADK's most successful high-profile programs. Perhaps you have met one of our Trailhead Stewards at the High Peaks Information Center (HPIC).

We greet hikers, answer questions and help folks make good decisions for a safe and enjoyable outing. Thorough Training in Leave No Trace Principles, Authority of the Resource Technique of hiker interaction, NYSDEC Central High Peaks regulations, and your hiking experience and knowledge of the trails that start at Heart Lake will give you the confidence to help us achieve program goals.

Weekend and holiday shifts are available. July and August shifts are weeklong, but there is the possibility of 'split shifts' and substitute shifts. Generous volunteer benefits are included.

Please contact Bobby Clark, HPIC manager bclark@adk.org or Jim Schneider trustee@adk-gfs.org with any questions you may have and for a print application.
  Some Programs From the Past are on YouTube [2022-02-19]
  Swede Mountain added to ADK Fire Tower Challenge [2021-08-14]
The Adirondack Mountain Club Fire Tower Committee has officially included SWEDE MOUNTAIN in the ADK Fire Tower Challenge effective August 13, 2021.

Public access is due to the hard work of Warren County folks and community leaders. Most importantly, the trail traverses private property to access the tower. The landowner requests hikers stay on the trail at all times. Please respect private property.

The trail is closed to public access September 10 - December 16 due to hunting club leases. Climbs during the closure period will not be accepted toward the challenge.

Swede Mtn Details: View PDF
  Recent Chapter Program Videos Available Online [2021-05-27]
  • Historic Bridges of the Adirondacks (May 19, 2021) Video
  • Alaska the Last Frontier (4/21/2021)  Video
  • Forest Pests Impact on Adirondacks (3/24/2021):   Video
  • Hiking Adrians Wall (11/18/2020):   Video
  • Modern Threats to ADK Waterways (9/23/2020):   Video
  Mud Season Alert: Stay below 3,000 ft from May to Mid June [2020-04-20]
During spring mud season, trails are particularly vulnerable to erosion. The spring thaw creates mud that penetrates much deeper into the soil than the surface mud created by summer rains, and trails are thus more easily damaged by hikers' boots.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation institutes a voluntary trail closure in the Eastern High Peaks during this time of year that asks hikers to refrain from traveling above 3,000 feet.

Here’s a big way you can help: if you encounter a muddy patch on the trail, walk right through it! Skirting to the edges widens trails and creates even more mud, so help out your fellow hikers and stick to the trail. This is where good footwear comes in handy!

  Views From On High 2nd Revised 2021 Edition is Available [2021-04-11]
Views From On High 2nd Revised 2021 Edition is now available from ADK. New material includes extensive Catskill and Adirondack trail and fire tower updates through winter 2021 including:

  • Poke-O-Moonshine - New Ranger Trail with its hiker friendly stone steps, switchbacks and scenic reroute.
  • St. Regis: - New trailhead from Spring Bay of Upper St. Regis Lake. Combine a paddle trip with a fire tower hike.
  • Hunter: - We love loop hikes! So, we put together this very interesting route combining the Spruceton Trail and the Devil's Path for an 8.8 mile loop.
  • Red Hill - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation teamed up with New York City Department of Environmental Protection and the town of Denning, with support from the State's Environmental Protection Fund and constructed a new trailhead and information kiosk on Denning Road.

  • Purchase book: ADK Mtn Club Publications

  Fill out report if you hiked Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area []
Fill out report if you hiked Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area. Have you hiked in the Pharaoh Wilderness Area? If you haven’t what you will find are beautiful lakes and ponds, quiet solitude, great backpacking, easy walking, and delightful swimming. When you come back, let us know what you found. We are particularly interested in flowers, animals, trail and lean-to conditions, and just about anything notable either good or bad. Your Glens Falls-Saratoga ADK Chapter has adopted the entire Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area.
Please send send an email with the information to Jim Schneider at: metadatajim@gmail.com
  • Unusual Animals
  • Unusual Plants
  • Trail Conditions (blowdown, beaver activity, signs missing or incorrect, etc.):
  • Lean-to Conditions:
  • Other:
  • Or mail your report to:
    • Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area
    • Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter ADK
    • P.O. Box 2314
    • Glens Falls, NY 12801
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