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Calendar updated: August 14, 2017, 11:26 pm
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 Date Day Type Destination Leader(s) Rating 
August 2017
  15TueHikeTuesday Outing - FTCMaureen CoutantNR
  19SatHikeHooper Mine, William Blake, Botheration Ponds, Plus Elizabeth Point Loop, North RiverRich CrammondB
  20SunBushwackLost Gorge rockhopJayne BouderA
  26SatBikeBoreas Ponds Bike RideNick RingelbergB
  26SatHikeHaystack via Marcy Swamp/Panther Gorge (The JP & Joe show)JP Martin, Joe BabcockA++
  29TuePaddleTuesday Outing - PaddleMaureen CoutantNR
September 2017
  2SatHikePharaoh Lake Via Mill BrookReg ProutyC+
  3SunHikeCliff and RedfieldWayne RichterA+
  6WedMeetingExecutive Committee monthly meetingJohn CaffryNR
  9SatBushwackMacNaughton via MacNaughton BrookNick Ringelberg, Jayne BouderA+
  11MonGeocacheMonthly Monday GeocacheSarah King, Mo CountantNR
  12TuePaddleTuesday Outing - PaddleMaureen CoutantNR
  16SatHikeEllen and Abraham - Vermont 4000 footersEric Kimmelman, Akane SuzukiA+
  16SatHikeSawteeth-Gothics-Armstrong/In Memory of Neal AndrewsRon LesterA+
  16SatHikePharaoh MountainReg ProutyB+
  19TueHikeTuesday Outing - FTCMaureen CoutantNR
  20WedProgramIsrael, The Holy Land presented by Grethen SteenSarah KingNR
  23SatHikeMarshall Peak and plane crash siteMike FullerA+
  23SatHikeEssex Chain LakesRich CrammondB+
  26TuePaddleTuesday Outing - PaddleMaureen CoutantNR
  30SatHikeHammond and Moose Mtn. PondsBill SchwarzB
  30SatPaddle/CampLake George canoe & campJayne BouderA
October 2017
  2MonGeocacheMonday Monthly GeocacheSarah King, Mo CoutantNR
  4WedMeetingExecutive Committee monthly meetingJohn CaffryNR
  7SatBushwackNorth River MountainNick Ringelberg, Jayne BouderA+
  7SatHikeCrane Mountain LoopReg ProutyB
  10TuePaddleTuesday paddleMaureen CoutantNR
  14SatHikeBoreas Mountain BushwhackRich Crammond, Jayne BouderA
  14SatHikeFolded Rock Trail, CambridgeBill SchwarzB
  17TueHikeMonthly Fire Tower Challenge hikeMaureen CoutantNR
  24TuePaddleTuesday PaddleMaureen CoutantNR
  27FriProgramAnnual DinnerAnne PaolanoNR
  29SunHikeHoffman MountainJayne BouderA
November 2017
  1WedMeetingExecutive Committee monthly meetingJohn CaffryNR
  7TueWalkTuesday OutingMaureen CoutantC
  11SatOtherADK Headquarters Fall workdayMaureen CoutantNR
  13MonGeocacheMonthly Monday GeocacheSarah King, Mo CoutantNR
  14TueHikeTuesday OutingMaureen CoutantB
  16ThuProgramAn Adirondack Portfolio, 1902-1935: The Hiking Stories and Photographs of Francis Bayle presented by Bob BayleSarah KingNR
  18SatBushwackCheney CobbleNick Ringelberg, Jaye BouderA+
  21TueHikeTuesday Outing - FTCMaureen CoutantNR
  23ThuHikeTurkey Trot #19 Saratoga BattlefieldRich CrammondC+
  28TueWalkTuesday OutingMaureen CoutantC
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