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Chapter Chair Report
How to Stay Up to Date on Adirondack Forest Preserve Issues
Since 1894, the New York Forest Preserve has been protected by the state Constitution as “forever wild”. Many ADKers are regular users of its over 3 million acres of land and water in the Adirondacks and Catskills. Our Chapter’s outings use the Forest Preserve on a weekly basis, and ADK is one of the most active organizations advocating for its protection.

Unfortunately, the Forest Preserve is under constant assault, due to overuse of some areas by hikers, illegal motorized use, and mismanagement by the very state government officials charged with its protection. For example, currently, the Department of Environmental Conservation is cutting thousands of trees, including old growth trees, in the heart of the Forest Preserve to create new snowmobile trails that resemble roads far more than they do trails.

If you would like to stay informed about these issues, check out the Advocacy page on ADK’s new website ( Other organizations that are active on these issues include Adirondack Wild (, Protect the Adirondacks (, and the Adirondack Council ( All of them provide news and updates on Forest Preserve issues and provide suggestions for how citizens can get involved.

Perhaps the most comprehensive source of such information online is the Adirondack Almanack (, which is not affiliated with any advocacy organization, and covers a wide variety of news, natural history, and human history involving the Adirondacks. Happy web surfing!

John Caffrey  

Chapter Chair  
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