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Hike and Kayak Ratings
If you would like to attend an outing, please call or email the trip leader. Outings are also open to non-members. Come join us and find out more about the chapter. Designated hikes (family, new member, fire tower, etc.) are geared for a specific purpose, but are not exclusive.
Hike Ratings
Rating Effort Level Elevation Gain (ft.) Miles Time (hrs.)
A+ Very Strenuous 4,000 10+ 10+
A Strenuous 3,000+ 5-10 8-10
B+ Moderately Strenuous 2,000+ 5-10 6-8
B Moderate 1,000+ 8-10 5-7
C+ Fairly Easy 1,000+ 5-8 4-6
C Easy Under 1,000 Under 5 Under 5

Canoe/Kayak Ratings
Rating Miles Portages
A* 12+ Long (1/2 mile+)
B 6-12 Short
C Under 6 None
* includes overnight camping

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